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At Crows Nest Drone Solutions, we provide sophisticated drone services that give businesses in Edmonton, AB, an edge.

Drone Technology Solutions for Your Business

Our advanced aerial systems unlock the data and efficiency advantages your company needs to innovate faster, reduce costs and outpace your competitors.

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Drone Services We Offer

We can create the ideal solution for your company’s unique needs. Our array of advanced drone services in Edmonton, AB, includes:

LiDAR Mapping Services

Our LiDAR survey drones can rapidly map terrain and infrastructure in stunning 3D detail-accurately surveying construction sites, mines, land parcels and more with precision measurements.

Screenshot for thermal inspections in aerial drones

Detect Issues Early With Thermal Inspections

Gain vision beyond the visible spectrum with a thermal drone inspection. Subtle heat variations invisible to the naked eye indicate electrical faults, leaks, and building insulation failures.

Topographical Site Mapping

Combine high-resolution photography with LiDAR scans to gain accurate 2D and 3D topographical maps for all your planning needs. Our drone surveying generates detailed site maps faster than traditional surveying techniques.

Drone Ariel Mapping in a gravel pit

Gas Emission Detection

Pinpoint potentially hazardous gas leaks before they become serious incidents with our specialized gas imaging drone services. Let us provide a new level of environmental monitoring and safety for your facilities.

Confined Space Inspections

Stop putting workers at risk. A drone survey can provide internal inspection of tanks, silos, pipes, and other hazardous confined spaces that are difficult to access safely.

Screenshot of gravel for stock pile measurement using drones.

Stockpile Measurement

We provide precise aerial surveys of bulk material stockpiles so you know how much is on your construction site, mining operation or other project.

Drone Asset Inspections

Comprehensive drone inspections help identify damage, structural issues, leaks and more on critical infrastructure like bridges, towers, and pipelines.

Dolomites drone photography

Aerial Photography and Videography

Showcase your real estate, construction sites, events and more with stunning drone photography and videography. Our expert drone pilots capture assets in previously impossible ways to help promote and monitor your projects.

Industries We Work With

Our clients come from a wide range of industries with varying requirements.

  • Construction companies, specifically earthworks
  • Civil engineering firms
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Solar farms
  • Commercial building owners
  • Environmental firms
  • Farmers and agriculture
  • Government departments

How It Works

Booking our drone services is straightforward:

1: Initial Consultation

The first step is to schedule an initial consultation with our drone program experts. This allows us to understand your needs. We can then recommend which drone solutions will offer the most benefit for you.

2: Custom Solution

Next, we’ll outline a detailed proposal with a drone program customized for your operations. This includes selecting the ideal drone models equipped with the sensors and cameras needed to accomplish your objectives. We’ll also define all the flight plans, data collection and processing.

3: Implementation and Analysis

Once you approve the program proposal, we handle the implementation and coordination process. Our experienced drone pilots will follow the flight plans for aerial data acquisition. Collected imagery and sensor data then get processed and analysed by our team to deliver the actionable insights you need.

Drone Project Pricing

The cost of drone services will depend on the project’s type, size and complexity. We can provide an accurate quote as soon as we know what’s required.

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A professional drone pilot can provide the aerial intelligence needed to make your business more efficient, compliant and safe.

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